Workman’s Friend

Packaging Service Company, of Pearland, Texas, markets paint-related products like turpentine and paint thinners, as well as fuels for lighting and heating. After acquiring the rights to market “Hand & Skin Shield” skin barrier cream in the U.S., PSC approached CMA to create a new brand name and package design. The hand shield cream product works by bonding with the outer skin, creating a protective glove that shields the skin from grease and grime while you work, and easily wiping off when the work is done. It also provides a moisturizing component and helps heal dry and weathered skin.

The final design accommodated the promise of protection and health, but also allowed for expansion to other forms of protective products in the future, (creams, gloves, gear, etc). The package form itself is a resealable plastic tube, carded on a blister pack for easy use, overall convenience and display prominence on the store’s clip strips.