Van’s Natural Foods

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Van’s Natural Foods Shelf Stable Line Van’s is committed to producing seriously healthy, seriously tasty food, proudly proclaiming its clean and healthy ingredients. CMA was originally assigned to express this clean, healthy positioning in a complete redesign of Van’s frozen waffles line.   Three years later, Van’s launched an expansion of their business into shelf-stable snack… Read more »

Full Throttle

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Full Throttle Energy Drinks The Full Throttle brand was introduced with a design crafted to appeal to a working class male, using design cues from tattoo art and custom motorcycle paint jobs. The quick success of the line led to extensions into Unleaded (sugar free) Fury (with Taurine) Mother (with ginseng and guarana) and Blue… Read more »

Coca-Cola Global Kids Juices

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Coca-Cola Global Kid’s Juices Coca-Cola’s Global Juices design managers in Atlanta approached CMA to create a visual identity system for  worldwide juice and juice drink brands for kids. We were challenged to create a distinctive design that would work on the smaller single-serve packs used in most global markets. A successful solution would maintain its… Read more »

Moya Semya Mors

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Moya Semya (My Family) Mors Mors or morse is a traditional Russian drink made with diluted, sweetened berry juices, primarily cranberry. Nidan Juices, a Coca-Cola subsidiary in Moscow, approached CMA to create a design within global Coca-Cola standards that also celebrated Russian heritage and tradition. The final designs are centered on a set of decorative arrangements… Read more »

Coke Zero 8 pack

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Coke Zero 8-Pack Coca-Cola asked CMA to explore designs for a Coke Zero 8-pack intended to drive trial and underscore its at home chill positioning. We developed designs that evoked the experience of watching a game at home with friends, and highly graphic designs that emphasized the bold, irreverent nature of Coke Zero. The selected… Read more »


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Hi-C CMA has worked on a wide variety of Hi-C brand package projects for more than two decades. In this set of Tetrabrik packs and multipack carriers, we created a colorful set of primary display panel illustrations to help bring the fanciful product names to life.  

Kroger Ground Beef

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Kroger Beef ‘Chubs’ Packaging Kroger asked CMA to redesign their ground beef chubs packaging to improve visibility in the case and establish an easy to read, clear system to communicate variety differentiation between beef, chuck, round and sirloin. The design features bright background colors with black typography reminiscent of western wanted posters. The butcher’s cleaver… Read more »

Abound Pet Foods

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Kroger Abound Pet Foods In the midst of a redesign of their own-brand value pet food, Kroger asked CMA for help in creating brand positioning for their better value/middle tier and best value/super premium pet foods. We developed three positioning statements for each tier based on the needs of the core targets, a credible point… Read more »


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  NatureSweet Since 2003 CMA has worked on the NatureSweet Brand and other branded produce. NatureSweet’s highly disciplined growing processes help to produce a consistently sweet tomato superior to the competition in both grocery and club channels. NatureSweet tomatoes are distributed at retail and club channels throughout the US. Based in San Antonio, Texas, the company’s customers… Read more »

Coca-Cola Holiday 2012

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Coke Vintage Bottle Holiday Pack People appreciate brands that help them create a festive holiday atmosphere. Noting that one in ten Cokes sold during the year are sold between Thanksgiving and New Years, CMA created this Coca-Cola holiday gift pack, featuring the well-loved Santa originally designed in 1931 by illustrator Haddon Sundblom, to bring to… Read more »