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Hi-C CMA has worked on a wide variety of Hi-C brand package projects for more than two decades. In this set of Tetrabrik packs and multipack carriers, we created a colorful set of primary display panel illustrations to help bring the fanciful product names to life.  

Kroger Ground Beef

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Kroger Beef ‘Chubs’ Packaging Kroger asked CMA to redesign their ground beef chubs packaging to improve visibility in the case and establish an easy to read, clear system to communicate variety differentiation between beef, chuck, round and sirloin. The design features bright background colors with black typography reminiscent of western wanted posters. The butcher’s cleaver… Read more »

Abound Pet Foods

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Kroger Abound Pet Foods In the midst of a redesign of their own-brand value pet food, Kroger asked CMA for help in creating brand positioning for their better value/middle tier and best value/super premium pet foods. We developed three positioning statements for each tier based on the needs of the core targets, a credible point… Read more »